Friday, 4 September 2015

10 Amazing Home Remedies for Dark Lips

There’s no doubt—naturally rosy lips are an appealing feature of a woman’s beauty or a man’s good looks. So, many people who have dark lips want to lighten them. Dark lips can have many causes. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight, chewing tobacco, excessive smoking, high caffeine intake, use of low-quality cosmetics and hormonal imbalances are some common causes behind dark lips.
Eliminating these causes from your life can decrease or cure dark lips. Appearance of dark lips has become common because of our present lifestyle conditions where makeup forms a regular part of our daily routine practice whether going to attend a party, an official meeting or for other office purpose. However, here we have some amazing home remedies to cure dark lips.

Amazing Home Remedies for Dark Lips


1 . Mixture of Lemon Juice With Honey

One of the highest yielded homemade recipes to reduce the tan pigments from your lips is by using a mixture of honey and lemon juice in equal proportion. First of all, take one gram of honey in a small metal bowl. Cut a fresh lemon and sprinkle its juice in honey. Now blend it well to make a homogeneous mixture. Apply it over your lips with finger for one hour. Rinse it off with a wet cotton ball. Regular use will result in pink shiny lips which will enhance your elegance. Keep the bowl in refrigerator and use it for longer time period.

2 . Beetroot Slice

Slice a red beetroot and store the pieces in your refrigerator. Simply massage your lips with a juicy piece in your leisure time. Sit with a beetroot slice in your hand whenever you watch television. This will do the trick! It will remove the tan from the lips naturally and color your lips too. Pink lips are all yours in a few days!

3 . Cucumber Juice

People with dark lips can turn it pink and attractive with the regular use of cucumber juice. Extract the juice of a few cucumber pieces and apply that on your lips daily should help to lighten your dark lips and turn them more beautiful.

4 . Try Almond Oil Massage

Almond is a wonderful skin whitening agent. Therefore, it can be utilized for treating dark lips. You can massage your lips with almond oil every day until you completely regain your natural lip color.

5 . Sugar Scrub

This natural scrub works as an excellent lips exfoliant. Whereas the sugar helps in getting rid of unwanted dead skin cells present on your lips, the butter helps to improve the color and enhance gloss on your lips. Make a thick paste by mixing three spoons of sugar powder with two spoons of butter. Use this mixture as a scrub over your lips. Try this natural beauty tip two to three times a week to get lighter lips.

6 . Pomegranates Seeds and Rose Water

It is considered as the best natural cure to get rid of dark and dry lips. To acquire this idea, take some pomegranates seeds and crushm them well transforming it in a fine powder. Add few drops of rose water and milk in it and mix it properly. Scrub this material against the rough textured lips and leave for ten minutes. As it get dry, remove it with cool water. It will help to retain the moisture of your lips giving you a rosy impression. By eradicating the dark skin, a new smooth and flimsy skin will appear.

7 . Sleep With Glycerine

Other than sun exposure and improper maintenance, dryness might also cause pigmented lips. Apply glycerin over your lips using a cotton bud before going to bed every night. This glycerin treatment retains the moisture and prevents drying to get rid of dark lips. Another good trick on how to get rid of dark spots on lips naturally.

8 . Almond Oil

One of the potential remedy for blemish lips is almond oil. To obtain this idea, take almond oil and apply it over your lip surface. It will maintain the health of your lips by moisturizing it. For better results, apply it before going to bed and keep it overnight. With the continuous use, you will get very pretty gleaming lips with reddish touch.

9 . Olive Oil

Applying a few drops of extra virgin olive oil on lips and rubbing it slowly and smoothly can make your lips more vibrant and lively. Keep in mind do this before sleeping at night. Take some sugar and the oil of extra virgin olive and make a mixture of these two ingredients. Scrub your lips with it gently once a week. It will make your lips color more natural and shine.

10 . Drink Plenty Of Fluids Every Day

Drinking plenty of water and fruit juice every day is effective in removing the toxins produced by smoking. Smoking causes great damage to the skin of your lips. Adequate consumption of fluids helps in reducing the damage significantly.