Monday, 2 March 2015

Best Home Remedies For Boils

A boil is a type of skin infection consisting of a hair follicle and the surrounding skin tissue. An infection resulting from a bruise, infected hair follicles, use of certain antibiotics etc can all lead to boils.  It is usually caused by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus that is deposited on the skin that is dirty or unwashed. The problem is because of the pus that accumulates in a boil and leads to pain and swelling. In most cases you can remove that pesky boil, in whatever form it is, using your household medical supplies.

Best Home Remedies For Boils


1 . Warm Compress

Some people use boil drawing salves to pull out pus. Instead of this, you can treat a boil with a warm washcloth compress. You are required to dip a clean cloth in warm water. For more effective results, you can add salt to the warm water. Place this warm and wet cloth on the boil for 10-12 minutes. To get quick relief, practice this process for six times a day.

2 . Milk Cream, Vinegar And Turmeric Powder

An effective poultice for boils involves mixing a teaspoon of fresh milk cream with a teaspoon of vinegar and a pinch of turmeric powder. The antiseptic properties of turmeric aid the healing process, while the milk and vinegar dries out the boil without allowing the infection to worsen.

3 . Cumin Seeds

Many naturopaths favor cumin seeds as beneficial in healing the boils. For this, grind the cumin in plain water to form a paste and then apply on the area affected by boils. This is one of best boils remedy.

Herbs like turmeric, garlic, onion, neem leaves, betel leaves are very useful in boils treatment.

4 . Poultices

Using these poultices will help save your skin from harsher treatments and can get rid of boils naturally. When making these poultices put the mixture in a piece of clean cloth, fold it so the mixture will not fall out, and put it on the boil. When you put a poultice on the boil the heat in the poultice will help to bring the boil to a head. Mix the ingredients with enough hot water to make a paste. Some of the ingredients you can use are minced mustard seeds, mashed figs, and eucalyptus oil and powdered slippery elm. You should leave the poultice on for at least ten minutes and do this several times a day.

5 . Turmeric

Turmeric is considered to be a natural blood purifier. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which are helpful for the treatment of boils. In a glass of warm milk or water, stir one spoon of turmeric. Drink this herbal mix three times a day.

Turmeric can also be used with fresh ginger. Make a paste of fresh ginger and turmeric, and apply it directly on the boil.

6 . Garlic or Garlic Juice

Get rid of your boil using garlic juice. Peel a bulb of garlic and place each peeled clove on a food processor. Keep the processor running until the garlic
cloves turn creamy and strain the liquid twice. Apply garlic juice on your boil to help drain the pus and promote faster healing. You can also mix onion and garlic juices in equal quantities and apply it to your boil for quick results.

7 . Parsley

When it is bearable hot, parsley should be wrapped with clean muslin or linen cloth and then applied over the boils made as a poultice.

8 . Onion or Onion Juice

Onion has antimicrobial as well as antiseptic properties that are effective for the treatment of boils. You are required to take a thick slice of onion and place it directly on the boil. Wrap the onion with a cloth so that the heat of the onion reaches inside the skin. If the process is practised 3-4 times a day, the boil will surely drain out.

Alternatively, You can also apply onion juice. To make onion juice, boil some fresh onions within a few minutes. After boiling, place the onions on a clean towel and squeeze their juices out. Apply this juice on your boil to help drain the pus and promote faster healing.

9 . Ginger And Asofoetida or Turmeric Powder And  Basil Leaves

Applying a paste of ginger and asofoetida or turmeric powder and the juice of holy basil leaves is also very beneficial to cure boils. You can also consume the paste of turmeric powder and basil as it encourages healing from within due to its strong anti-bacterial properties.