Monday, 16 February 2015

How To Make A Homemade Tonic For Oily Skin

A perfect skin care toner tightens skin pores and removes excess oil. It also kills acne-causing bacteria and gets rid of any dirt you missed with your cleanser. Would you like to improve the appearance of your oily skin without resourcing to commercially available products full of chemicals? Then you should try these fantastic homemade toners for oily skin, which are very easy to make.

How To Make A Homemade Tonic For Oily Skin

1 . Cold Water Toner

This is by far the cheapest toner you can ever use. Cold water (filtered, or distilled water, NOT tap water) will not only hydrate your skin cells but also reduce acne inflammations and remove excess oil on your skin surface. Cold water is the best homemade toner for oily skin especially if your skin is acne prone. If you have acne prone oily skin, your dermatologist would tell you to stay away from most toners especially those with alcohol in them as they would irritate and inflame your face. But when using cold water, you can never worry about secret chemical ingredients because it's totally natural! You can either use ice cubes on your face to tighten skin pores and reduce oiliness or keep cold filtered water in a spritzer in your refrigerator and use in the morning before you get ready for the day. Plus, it will also wake you up when you feel drowsy in the morning!

2 . White Vinegar

Mix water with white vinegar in equal proportions. Now take a cotton pad, dip in the solution and wipe the face.

3 . Lemon Toner

This is a super cheap and easy to make toner which works wonders for oily skin! Being a natural astringent, lemon will help tighten large pores, kill ance causing bacteria and strip skin of excess oils. Use the ratio of 1:2 of freshly squeezed lemon juice to pure water to make a safe and frugal lemon water toner. Store in a clear empty spray bottle or spritzer. Freshen up your face with an amazing lemon water toner with a few spritzes!

4 . Lemon Juice, Peppermint tea And Hazel

Take 1 tbsp lemon juice, a peppermint tea bag, 2 tbsp hazel and boiling water. First dip the tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes. Then remove the tea bag and add lemon juice and hazel to the boiling water solution. Mix well and allow it to cool down. Now using a cotton pad, you can wipe this solution on the face and neck.

5 . Rose Water Toner

Rose water is an ancient beauty secret used by ancient Persians, Egyptians and Indians as a skin toner, to cool down inflammations and refresh dull tired skin. Ancient Egyptian women used rose water to tone their skin, check wrinkles and tighten skin pores. Persians not only use rose water to bring out a sweet aroma in cooking but also use it as a daily facial toner. Store pure rose water in a clean spritzer and spray onto your face before applying makeup for a warm dewy glow. Remember to purchase organic pesticide-free rose water to avoid any skin irritations.

6 . Aloe Vera

Apply pure Aloe Vera juice as any toner. This is most suitable for oily skin but can be soothing to sun burned or wind burned skin. It is not good for dry skin. If you find aloe Vera too drying, dilute with up to 50% distilled water and then apply on your face.