Friday, 24 June 2016

11 Best Benefits Of Apricot Seeds and Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Apricot seeds are extracted from the hard pit of the fruit. These seeds or kernels have been in the limelight for many years thanks to their medicinal purposes. Known scientifically as Prunus armeniaca, apricots are said to have originated from various parts of Asia, the Himalayas, Northern China and Armenia, as well. Apricot seeds can be consumed raw or ground into a powder for adding in soups, vegetables, curries, fruit juice or cereal. They can also be roasted for the oil that is used in salad dressings, cooking, fuel and facial lotions. This oil is generally used in the manufacture of cosmetics, as it helps soften the skin. There are many nutritional benefits of eating apricots. This is a rich source of minerals that cures anaemia, asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis. But, are you also aware of the health benefits of apricot seed or its oil?

13 Best Benefits Of Apricot Seeds and Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

1 . Nourishing

The high Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) content present in apricot oil enables your skin to maintain its moisture balance. This acid also helps tone and firm up your skin. The Vitamin A and Vitamin E present in apricot oil slow down the signs of ageing. Since this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to soothe minor skin conditions, like eczema.

2 . Hair Care

We said that apricot kernel oil could help you from head to toe, so don't forget your hair. Used as a hot oil treatment, apricot kernel can leave your locks feeling smooth and supple. Try this simply mask: warm up some apricot kernel oil in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds. Test the temperature with your finger and then pour over dry hair. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap and sit in a warm room for about 30 minutes before rinsing the oil out and enjoying your suddenly smooth strands.

3 . Cancer

It is a widely known benefit of apricot seed that this contains Vitamin B17 that prevents cancer. Apricot seed oil helps to kill cancer cells immediately. This can be useful to cure bone cancer, skin
cancer and cervical cancer.

4 . Lubricating

Unlike other oils that stay on the surface of the skin, apricot kernel oil is quickly absorbed by your skin, which helps lubricate it internally. This oil is often used in face creams, body lotions and lip balms. However, you could also use it regularly, in the form of massage oil. Because organic apricot kernel oil is light, gentle, mild and non-irritating, it can also be used for children and babies.

5 . Firm And Tone Your Skin

Natural apricot seed oil contains gamma linoleic acid that is useful to firm and tone your skin. This also contains Vitamin A and E to soothe and slow down the aging process. It has nourishing properties and an anti-inflammatory effect to soothe eczema.

6 . Anti-Inflammatory

Some users of apricot kernel have reported its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory. Enflamed muscles and joints are often what causes aches and pains, particularly if you’re an arthritis sufferer. By taking apricot kernel in pill or powder form, you may find that your daily pain subsides, offering relief quickly and naturally.

8 . Skin Scrub

You can get glowing skin in just 3 minutes with this delicious smoothing scrub. This will give you radiant skin as with olive or almond oil. Mix the seed oil with sugar and scrub your face to exfoliate. Do this gently for deeply cleansed skin with no impurities. This gives a glowing complexion and renewed radiance.

9 . Massage

Apricot seed oil gets very quickly absorbed into the skin, which is the best property of any massage oil. This also increases the benefits of massage to reduce stress, pain and inflammation. This oil is very mild and non-irritating, and can even be used for children and for infants.

10 . Arthritis

This is anti- inflammatory. It helps to reduce arthritis symptoms. This also soothes and gives you relief from the pain.

11 . Cosmetics

Apricot kernel oil is used to make a variety of cosmetics, most notably skin lotions and creams. Applied “neat,” or undiluted, apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It is particularly beneficial for dry, mature skin. Although no oil can “nourish” skin from the outside, the fatty acids and sterols in apricot kernel oil help to moisturize the outer layer of the skin and minimize the effects of photo-aging, or sun damage.

12 . Blood pressure

This contains Vitamin B17 that is useful to maintain blood pressure and also lowers high blood pressure.

13 . Immune System Support

Sick of being sick? Certain seasons – like winter– create the perfect conditions for immune system failure. Being inside all day in close proximity with other germ-harbouring humans means it's almost impossible to not to be forced into sick days. But apricot kernel has been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system, which could help feel well and stay well. Talk to your doctor about adding apricot kernel to your regular routine and you may benefit from a stronger, tougher immune system, no matter the season.