Wednesday, 8 June 2016

11 Best Beauty Tips For Natural Fairness

Every man and woman wants a fair complexion, not just to look and feel beautiful but also to attract the attention of surrounding people. Now a days fashion trend is increasing day by day and everyone wish to look beautiful and charming. As we all know girls are always very conscious about their skin but boys too spend a lot of money on commercially prepared fairness creams and lotions. However, to deal with black complexion and oily skin is not an easy task but not impossible to achieve. Luckily, here we have some best beauty tips to get natural fairness.

13 Best Beauty Tips For Natural Fairness

1 . Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is that the finest for eliminating oils and gloomy or dead cells from skin. this can be one among the most effective beauty tips for fairness. This gel has anti-oxidants those diminutions creases on face and moistness that creates skin soft and svelte. Massage this gel to your face for ten minutes and so wash it. it’ll create your skin glowing and honest.

2 .Turmeric And Tomato

You can see the same results with turmeric and tomato; Take 2 pinch turmeric and 3 table spoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture till dry then wash with cold water. It is faster way to get a fair and glowing color on your skin. You will start feeling fresh and your skin will tone down considerably.

3 . Lemon juice

Lemon juice has number of benefits. It can be used for fairness as well. Just squeeze juice out of lemons and add few drops of rose water in it. Apply it one face and wash your face after few time. You will see difference in your complexion after a week or two.

4 . Cold Water Face Wash

The first and most important thing is to keep your face clean. Use cold water to wash your face. Repeat the washing procedure at least 7 or 8 times in a day. This is necessary to get rid of the accumulated oil and dirt on your face. Oily skin has the tendency to get dirty and sticky very easily. To combat this, you need a cleanser, which is specifically formulated for the oily skin type. Whenever you buy any product, make sure you check out the ingredients in them. Go for products that are made with natural ingredients. They are far better than the harsh chemicals. Get only products which are organic.

5 . Egg

Egg is loaded with several nourishing elements. That’s why it is widely used in skin and hair care remedies. To make your skin smooth and glowing, separate the white part of egg and stir it well. Now apply it onto your facial skin for approximately fifteen minutes. Use cold water to rinse off.

6 . Milk And Honey

Mix equal quantities of milk and honey apply this mask on face for 20 minutes till dry completely. It will provide you fairer complexion.

7 . Papaya

Papaya is another tip for fairness. Take a fresh papaya and cut it down. Make a smooth paste of it by mashing it. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for an hour. Meanwhile you can do your own work. Wash away your face after an hour. Repeat this process at least for 2 months for perfect results.

8 . Cucumber juice And Honey

Here is a very good home remedy for oily skin. It is a typical usage in most households. Take a juicy cucumber and take out the juice from it. Get some honey, and add a few drops of it to the cucumber juice. Mix the two ingredients well and apply all over your face. Let the solution stay on your face for about 15 to 320 minutes to dry out. After that, use lukewarm water to wash off. Your face becomes really clean. This remedy also makes your skin fair instantly.

9 . Avocado And Banana Mask

Avocado and banana are typically used along to induce clear skin. once numerous along, these 2 fruits create the pure action for wounded skin. wherever banana upsurges the pliability of hair and averts riven ends, avocado conditions and nurtures the skin and create it pretty. make certain to mush one banana and one avocado. Add a 0.5 tablespoon of expressed almond oil. Smear the muddle on the skin completely. Leave for about thirty to sixty minutes and wash.

10 . Potato

It's believed to have mild lightening properties because it contains a high amount of vitamin C.Other vegetables high in vitamin C, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, may also work if you don't have a potato handy. Vitamin C is often used in over-the-counter skin lightening creams, but you can get better results by just applying the potato directly to your skin. Cut a potato into thick slices. Rub the slices over the parts of your skin you want to lighten. Let the moisture dry completely, then rinse it away with warm water. For best results do this on a regular basis.

11 . Tulasi

Tulasi is gift of god for those who have skin diseases. It is not only helpful in curing diseases but it can make your skin free from all skin problems. Take some Tulasi leaves and grind them. Make a smooth paste and apply it on face. Leave it on face for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash away your face from cold water. Repeat this process for two to three weeks. You will see the difference in your skin tone after a week.

12 . Cucumber Pulp And Yogurt

Make a paste of cucumber pulp and yogurt and apply this on the face. Wash with cold water after 25 minutes, it will give you cool effect and fair color as well.

13 . Orange Peel

Take some dried orange peel and grind it until it comes into powder form. Now mix few drops of fresh milk in this powder and mix thoroughly. Use this homemade mask for taking out the dirt from skin pores.