Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Best Nuts For Natural Weight Loss

Nuts are nutrient-dense foods to include in a healthy diet plan to lose weight. The protein and healthy fats in nuts help make them a staple food for some weight loss programs. Choose the most nutritious nuts to include in meals and to snack on for help in reaching your weight loss goals. The best way to lose weight, and keep it off, is to watch what you eat and exercise. If you search for diets or diet books on the internet, you come up with many different books or diet plans that guarantee losing weight fast. Some of these diet plans are healthy, while some of them are not so healthy. Following are some best weight loss nuts, you can include them in your weight lose diet plan.

5 Best Nuts For Natural Weight Loss

1 . Almonds

Almonds are filled with nutrients and contain fiber, protein and healthy monounsaturated fats, which help with satiety.The City of Hope National Medical Center conducted a 2003 study, published in the
"International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders," that discovered overweight and obese adults had significant weight reduction when they ate an almond-enriched diet. The results showed that there was a 62 percent greater reduction in body mass index and a 56 percent greater decrease in body fat than in those who where not fed an almond-enriched diet.

2 . Peanuts

Peanuts are packed with many essential nutrients, including fiber, protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Foods rich in protein, fiber and monounsaturated fats not only increase satiety but also make you feel full for longer, which makes it easier to control your overall calorie intake during weight loss. Although peanuts are high in calories and rich in healthy fats but yet consumption of peanuts in moderation will definitely help in losing excess weight. When people eat peanuts, they usually eat fewer calories later in the day. Peanuts also have a high satiety value, helping to keep you full for longer after you eat them and prevent from eating unhealthy snacks. Eating a handful of unsalted peanuts on a daily basis will help a lot in shedding your extra pounds.

3 . Pistachios

Rich in many important vitamins and minerals, Pistachios are one of the lowest-calorie nuts, with 160 calories per 30 grams serving (approximately one ounce). Pistachios have a significant amount of protein, healthy fat and dietary fiber, all of which can boost your feeling of fullness and increase the length of time before your next meal. Replacing your mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks with pistachios not only helps in curbing your hunger but also helps a lot in reducing your fat specially around your belly. In addition, pistachios are packed with mono-unsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) that help control cholesterol and reduce the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Daily serving of 30g-40g about half cup of unsalted pistachios are very helpful for weight loss.

4 . Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are technically seeds, not nuts, but their brown nut-like casings have led most people to call them nuts. There are many studies that have shown that by eating 1-2 Brazil nuts per day helps a lot in boosting the process of weight loss. To get the maximum benefits, aim for frozen, unroasted and unsalted brazil nuts.
The high protein and fiber content in brazil nuts make you feel full for longer time and prevent from eating unhealthy snacks. Brazil nuts also contain a good amount selenium which is required by our body to regulate thyroid function. Thyroid gland assists in weight management by controlling the release of hormones that affect how fat, protein and carbohydrates are used in the body. Brazil nuts help in burning extra fat cells by boosting your metabolism.
In addition, brazil nuts reduce LDL(Bad) cholesterol and are very helpful in lowering your risk of getting a heart attack or a stroke.

5 . Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are actually not nuts at all but the seeds of the pine cone. Pine nuts are considered huge fat buster because they subdue hunger hormones to burn fat cells. These nuts are very effective in suppressing appetite and may provide unexpected weight loss benefits. Pine nuts are a rich source of pinolenic acid, which is a fatty acid that scientific research has proven to be an appetite suppressant. That means that when pine nuts are consumed, they may effectively reduce hunger and help people resist the temptation to overeat. A tablespoon of pine nuts contains only about 60 calories and makes an easy snack when you need something to curb your appetite at your desk.
In Addition, pine nuts contain a good amount of "heart friendly" mono-unsaturated fat, which is known to decrease the levels of cholesterol in our blood stream, which in turn lowers our risk of heart attack and stroke.