Monday, 1 December 2014

14 Best Home Remedies For Freckles

Some common causes of freckles are too much exposure to sunlight, genetics and hormonal imbalance. These are generally described as a round and flat, brown or dark color spots of different sizes which appear on the skin. Nose and cheeks are two most affected areas of the face where you will find lots of freckles. Freckles may be an early sign of skin cancer. An individual can use different home remedies to treat freckles.

14 Best Home Remedies For Freckles

1 . Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is the best natural treatment freckles can be removed with. Lemon has bleaching properties and it helps to lighten the freckles. All you have to do is apply some lemon juice on the freckles and the area around the freckles. Keep the juice for 10 - 15 minutes and then wash it with cold water. Make sure you do not expose your skin to direct sunlight after using lemon juice. If your skin starts irritating, wash off immediately. This is a reliable freckle treatment natural remedy you can follow regularly.

2 . Honey

Prepare a mixture of water and honey and heat that mixture slightly. Now apply this mixture on your skin affected with freckles and now allow it to settle for a few minutes. Finally rinse your freckle-affected areas with lukewarm water. Besides this, you can also apply a natural and herbal mask by mixing warm honey and wheat germ on your freckles and allow it to dry for at least ten minutes and rinse it with water. Thus the most effective natural remedy for treating freckles.

3 . Sour Cream For Freckles

This remedy is good for people who have dry skin with freckles. People with oily and acne skin should not use this treatment to cure freckles. Take about a teaspoon of beaten sour cream and cover the freckles with the cream. Massage the cream onto the freckles. Wipe off the cream from the skin using a soft cloth or a soft facial tissue. Wash with lukewarm water of you cannot bear the smell of sour cream.

4 . Jojoba Oil For Freckles

Combine two teaspoons jojoba oil with ½ teaspoon olive oil. Rub the oil mixture over the freckles using the fingertip of your index finger. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wipe the oil mixture from the skin using a soft and clean cloth. Then wash the skin with clean water. Jojoba oil has properties that lighten the color of the skin much like bleaching agents do.

5 . Cucumber

Can create a solution by mixing cucumber juice (1/4th cup) with milk (2 tablespoons) and apply this solution on the affected area to reduce freckles. A paste created with the use of grated cucumber and yogurt can also be rubbed on the freckles.

6 .  Tomato

Tomato juice can also be directly applied on the affected area to cure freckles. Another alternative is to consume a glass of tomato juice 2 to 3 times in a day. Consumption of raw tomatoes is also recommended.

7 . Milk Cream

Can apply sour milk cream on the affected area 2 to 3 times in a day for a period of 1 month to treat freckles. It is advisable to massage the affected area with sour milk cream for a period of 5 to 10 minutes and wash it with warm water.

8 . Sour Milk For Freckles

Take about 3 teaspoons of sour milk and using a cotton ball apply it on the freckles. Leave the sour milk on the skin for 15 minutes and then remove using lukewarm water. If you have oily or acne skin then add a few drops of fresh lemon juice in the sour milk.

9 . Ginger Roots

Rubbing freshly sliced ginger roots thrice or twice a day, gently wipes off your freckles within 15 days.

10 . Fruit Mask

Another of the best natural treatment freckles can be treated with. Fruit mask can be made by using a variety of fruits like papaya, pineapple, banana and watermelon. All these fruits can be grinded to a paste and applied on the face. A fruit mask not only is a good freckle treatment natural remedy but also helps to bring a glow on the face and improves the skin texture and quality. You can use a fruit pack once in a week according to your convenience.

11 . Orange Peel For Freckles

Obtain orange peel powder by drying orange peels under hot sun for five days. Grind the dried peels into powder form. Mix a little orange essential oil and lemon juice in the powdered peels and apply the paste on the freckles. Leave the paste to dry. Remove the paste by scrubbing it off the skin and then wash the skin with cold water. Orange has bleaching effect much like lemon juice and is quite effective in lightening the freckles.

12 . Turmeric Powder And Yogurt

Can prepare a paste by mixing turmeric powder (2 tablespoons) with yogurt (1 tablespoon) and apply this paste on the affected area on a daily basis to treat freckles. It is advisable to remove the paste only after 15 to 20 minutes of the application. Massaging the affected area with a mixture of turmeric powder and sesame oil can also provide effective results.

13 . Onion

An individual can rub an onion slice on the affected area several times in a day to reduce freckles. Onion juice can also be applied on the freckles to obtain the desired results.

14 . Papaya

Papaya juice is yet another effective natural remedy for treating freckles. Papaya contains papain which is a type of enzyme that helps in lightening freckle spots. Apply fresh juice of papaya directly on the affected areas with a cotton ball and massage it gently and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Besides removing freckles, this natural remedy also treats other type of skin blemishes at the same time and makes your skin look soft and healthier.