Thursday, 18 December 2014

13 Natural Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss

Herbs are what are natural and you can very well take help of these herbs for weight loss. Nature is your ally when it comes to losing kilos in a healthy way. Therefore, recourse to herbs to lose weight , will help you achieve your goal. The natural plants for weight loss have special properties that make them, in a different alternative to complement any low calorie diet. Read below for some natural  herbal remedies that can eliminate excess weight and help you get your healthy
lifestyle back into shape.

13 Natural Herbal Remedies For Weight Loss


1 . Aloe Vera

Aloe vera helps in faster reduction of weight loss because it treats various health problems such as controlling your blood sugar and treating constipation. Aloe vera juice helps to increase your metabolic rate, which burns more energy and when more energy burns a person will able to lose more weight. Aloe vera works only if you combine it with exercising and following a sensible diet. Take aloe vera juice two times a day on empty stomach.

2 . Dandelion

Dandelion is a secret weapon for weight loss. The weight loss system hidden in the leaves of the plant has diuretic effects and the roots of the plant helps to purify the liver by flushing out toxins from the
body. Combining them it works like a charm in losing weight. All you have to do is just combine 3 tablespoon of dried dandelion root in 8 ounce of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for 15 to 20 minutes, strain the water and pour into a mug. Drink this three times a day for quick results.

3 . Licorice

Licorice extract has been known to help with weight loss as it lowers the body fat mass by giving boost to a sluggish metabolism. The herb is available as a pill for weight loss purposes and the recommended dosage is 380 mg taken thrice a day for 3-4 months. The capsules should be taken 20 minutes before meals since the herb helps suppress the appetite to some extent.

4 . Echinacea

Regardless of all the hype over weight loss supplements and diet fads, weight loss still comes down to eating fewer calories than you burn. Some herbs intended for weight loss may cause a laxative effect while others can act as diuretics. While reducing the amount of water weight may look promising on the bathroom scale, it doesn't provide a healthy means of permanent weight loss.

5 . Garlic

Garlic is an amazing food known for its various beneficial properties. Studies in 2012 suggest that prolonged intake of garlic is beneficial to weight loss and reducing the body mass index. Garlic is said to contain allicin, a sulphur-based compound, believed to have anti-bacterial property. Also, it has an inflammatory property that helps in burning down fat deposits. Though it won’t help you to lose a lot of weight, but it will definitely pace up the process and assist you to reach your weight loss targets early. Garlic being thermogenic will also help increase the number of calories you burn during your daily activities and decrease your body’s production of fat.

6 . Onion

Onions can help you lose weight due to its high content of chromium. What is chromium? Is an important nutrient, increasing the effectiveness of insulin in the blood. When we have a model stable
release of insulin, onion weight loss the body can not keep a good diet blood sugar to lose weight, which leads to the determination and unwavering energy.

7 . Ephedra

Ephedra boosts your body’s metabolism, helping it to burn fat more rapidly. It also increases the energy levels of your body and is a very effective aid in the fight against fat. However, it is banned
from use in the United States.

Weight loss herbs should be used in correct proportions in order to balance your bodily systems. It’s best to take them under proper guidance for maximum effectiveness in a weight loss program.

8 . Psyllium

Psyllium If you are looking for appetite suppression, don't forget the less glamorous herbs that provide fiber. Psyllium can help you eat fewer calories and still feel full. Natural psyllium acts as a safe and effective weight loss aid. The seeds expand in your stomach, increasing the feeling of fullness and slowing down the absorption of simple carbs.

9 . Cascara

High on laxatives, the herb is used in diet and slimming teas and promotes weight loss. So, make cascara sagrada a part of your daily diet and watch the extra pounds melt away!

10 . Green Tea

We all know the amazing effects green tea has on all the unwanted fat accumulated in the body. Green tea gives your metabolism the much required kick, cleans up the body of all the toxins and free radicals and gives you energy all day long. Drinking 4-5 cups of green tea will suppress your appetite and drastically lower the percentage of fat absorbed by the body. Consume at least 750-800 mg of green tea extract every day for weight loss.

11 . Fenugreek Seeds

While fenugreek seeds for weight loss can be quite effective, they have also been shown to control blood sugar. It can be taken as a supplement by people suffering from diabetes, as it slows the release
of glucose into the bloodstream. Soak a teaspoon of seeds in a cup of water overnight. Strain it in the morning and discard the seeds. Drink this as soon as you wake up. This remedy has been shown to decrease blood sugar.

12 . Kelp

The nutrient content is kelp like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and iodine could benefit weight loss programs. While there are many claims about its benefits for weight loss, there is very
little support to these claims from early research.   You do get sea kelp supplements that provide 150-360mcg iodine in a single daily dose. There are also sea kelp powders available which are nutritious additions to vegetarian and vegan diets

13 . St. John’s Wort

This is a very well known effective herbal treatment for depression. It also helps indirectly in weight loss. The herb is known to increase chemical production in the brain that aids in faster metabolism.