Saturday, 25 June 2016

11 Home Remedies For Long and Thick Hair Growth

Long and thick volume of shiny hair is always adorable. Thick, long and shiny hair are the most visible trademarks of a beautiful women. For proper hair growth you don't need to buy expensive chemical shampoos.You can encourage hair growth by maintaining healthy hair through a good diet and proper hair care. In the following lines we are going to share some natural home remedies for long and thick hair growth.

14 Home Remedies For Long and Thick Hair Growth

1 . Amla Oil And Coconut Oil

Making hair tonic is not something new. There are several home remedies with their recipes to prepare your hair tonics. A boiled mixture of amla oil and coconut oil is just among the remedies. This formula has produced positive results to many people.

2 . Banana

Bananas are known to be the new apple as they bring with themselves potassium and vitamins A, E and C. Mash a ripe banana and massage it into their hair and scalp. Mash it nicely so that it has no chunks, as they will be harder to take out. Afterwards, apply it on the head and cover with a plastic bag. Rinse shampoo after thirty to forty five minutes.

3 . Drink Plenty Of Water

You have to drink plenty of water in the routine life. Water has the best stuff to flush out toxins efficiently. If you prefer 8 cups of pure water a day, you can get the complete natural support for hair growth and healthiness.

4 . Potatoes

Potatoes have the best stuff to support you have the best hair growth. Now, you cannot simply take a whole potato and rub it on your hair and expect results. In order for this to work, you must place three potatoes in a juicer and extract all of the juice. Then, you must add that to 1 egg yolk, a little bit of water, and a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture and apply it to damp hair. After waiting for 30 minutes, wash it out gently with warm water. It is best to undergo this treatment once a week for numerous months. This is one of the most effective home remedies and it is quite easy to do. You are sure to see results after a few weeks of using this method.

5 . Egg Whites

Many women who have applied egg whites on their hair on a regular basis get satisfied with a noticeable improvement on their hair. Healing properties in the egg whites give the complete support to people keep up the healthy hair.  You can apply egg whites not only increase the length of your hair, but also enhancing the shining appearance of your hair.

6 . Avocado And Coconut Oil

Coconut oil and avocado is a multifunctional hair growth treatment for several reasons. It adds luster to your hair if it is dry, promotes growth, gets rid of the flaking and dandruff and keeps hair safe from the sun. Microwave coconut oil for 15 seconds. Massage hair from tip to root with coconut oil and massage the avocado into the tips. Leave this mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse and shampoo the hair when this is done.

7 . Garlic

Garlic is majorly known for controlling hair fall. It boosts the circulation in the scalp and regenerates hair growth. Boil 7 to 8 cloves of crushed garlic with olive oil and apply it to the roots of the hair -follicles. Repeat this thrice a week to notice the difference.

8 . Hot Oil Massage

People of all ages have a need to oil their hair so as to give essential vitamins and nutrients to hair roots.  You can choose a hot oil massage on the scalp to get the desired support to increase the overall length of your hair.  You can use pure coconut oil or olive oil to get the best result.

9 . Curry Leaves

Curry leaves can be used to make an effective hair tonic and for that you just need to take handful curry leaves and then boil then in any of your hair oil and apply it on your scalp and massage for good 10 minutes and Home Remedies For Hair Loss then cover your hair with smooth wet worm cotton towel for 45 minutes and then wash it off with running water and mils shampoo.

10 . Consuming Lettuce And Spinach Juice

It is important to improve the general health of the body because this creates conducive conditions of the body for faster growth of hair. A well nourished body is really on of the best home remedies for hair growth. One of the best ways to improve the body’s immunity system is by eating vegetables and their juices. When consuming lettuce and spinach juices, the body absorbs the nutrients and vitamins, which are essential for hair growth.

11 . Curry Leaves And Coconut Oil

Curry leaves are said to be really effective for hair growth. Usually Indians use this spice to add taste to the curries. You might have heard your grandmothers say that curry leaves are good for hair. Curry leaves work well, not just by applying its paste to the hair, but also by eating it. Whenever you cook something with curry leaves in it, eat up the leaves!

12 . Egg Yolk and Olive Oil

Egg is not only rich in protein but also carries vitamins and super-nurturing fatty acids. With this treatment, hair will be softer, shinier, longer and healthier. Take one or two egg beat yolks and add one to two tablespoons of olive oil. Then, apply this egg on wet hair and allow it to sit for at least fifteen minutes so that all the nutrients are well absorbed. Finally, wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo.

13 . Henna and Egg Shampoo

Henna has been used for centuries by women in order to enjoy naturally thick hair. Take natural henna powder, an egg, half a cup of lemon juice and a cup of water. Make a paste and put the paste over your scalp and your hair, from the root to the tips. Allow it to set in for about two hours or until the mix is completely dry. Afterwards, rinse and shampoo.

14 . Onions

Yes, onions. This is another food item that is perfect for your hair and can help it become as healthy as possible. When your hair is in its healthiest state, it will cause it to grow and become fuller. This is another mixture that must be applied to your hair and it should be done every time you wash it. However, this mixture should not be used if you use hair dying products, as it may strip the color. First, take 4 cloves of garlic, 2 pieces of cinnamon, and one red onion. You will need to boil them and then simply let them cool. After they have cooled to room temperature, rub the mixture through your hair. After it has sit for 15 minutes, wash your hair gently with warm water. The point of this is to cause hair to become thicker and to keep the strands of your hair from breaking off at the end. As a long term solution, it will cause your hair to grow longer. It will also make it appear thicker at a much faster rate. By giving your hair all of these nutrients and vitamins, you help it grow faster while remaining healthy and full.