Friday, 7 November 2014

Natural Home Remedies For Neck and Back Pain

Neck or back pain is a common symptom that we often wake up in the morning with or experience at the end of a tiring day at work. It is usually a result of a minor strain or sprain and disappears with over-the-counter painkillers and symptomatic treatment at home. In some cases however, neck or back pain may be the result of a problem that requires emergency treatment. Having persistent pain in the neck causes the muscles to strain further. For this reason the ideal method to relieve neck and back pain would be to attempt to remove or calm the physical or mental strain in addition to treating the muscles.

Sometimes neck or back pain may be caused by a complex medical condition, First diagnose the exact cause behind neck or back pack, if the pain is not caused by any complex medical condition, then follow these natural methods to get rid of neck and back pain.

10 Natural Home Remedies For Neck and Back Pain

1 . Get a Massage

If you're lucky enough to have an accommodating spouse, friend, or roommate, ask him or her to give you a rubdown. As you lie face down on a bed or sofa, ask your masseuse to knead your back muscles. Local massage therapists may also make house calls if you don't feel able to visit one of them. Check the yellow pages for listings or ask your doctor or a friend for a referral.

2 .  Coat Your Throat

The standard remedy of a tablespoon of honey in warm water with lemon is a good natural remedy, says Dr. Asher. "You want to look for things that coat your throat," he adds, because they soothe irritation. He also recommends slippery elm lozenges and Organic Throat Coat tea from Traditional Medicinals, which contains the anti-inflammatory herb licorice.

3 . Turmeric

Turmeric spice is a natural painkiller for aches and pains, but can also be used for a full body detox.

4 . Choice of Chair

Sitting in a chair that lacks decent back support will increase your risk of worsening neck pain issues. Choose a firm chair to avoid symptoms of neck pain, especially during long hours at a computer desk. When curling up with a good book or watching your favorite TV show, settle into a recliner chair, which delivers efficient head and neck support.

5 . Cold Packs

Ice can reduce inflammation be constricting the surrounding blood vessels, reducing blood flow and swelling. Never apply ice for longer than five minute increments, however, as the cold can freeze the skin and soft tissue. After two days, some heat can be applied to the area to increase blood flow.

6 . Sleeping Arrangements

Improper sleeping postures and arrangements can contribute to the neck pain. Sleeping on your stomach is bad for your neck. Try to sleep flat or on your side with knees pulled towards chest. Sleeping on a firm mattress is good for the muscles of the body including neck muscles.

7 . Mattress Choice

Sleeping on a firm mattress can ease neck and beck pain by providing better support.

8 .  Practice Relaxation Techniques

Tension in the muscles is a cause of pain. Tension can occur due to physical stress as well as mental stress. Try to practice relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing or minor yoga exercises can relieve the pain. Do not go for strenuous yoga exercises.

9 . Avoid Smoking

Studies have shown that smokers have more chances of experiencing back pain than the non-smokers, especially in the later stages of life. The nicotine in cigarette  reduces the blood flow to the discs present between the vertebrae . This causes the discs to dry and rupture. Smoking also reduces the blood supply to the muscles and they do not get enough nourishment. This will cause unhealthy muscles and tendons which are more prone to damages even by small strains.

10 . Get Some Sleep

Getting sufficient rest at night is important when your back muscles are strained. It's best to lie on your side, with the knees flexed and a pillow between them. If you lie on your back, place a pillow under your knees.