Tuesday, 18 November 2014

How to Get Rid of Headaches during Pregnancy

like acidity, stress, poor nutrition, poor posture, food allergies, etc. Headaches during pregnancy may sometimes be debilitating and also hamper your work. Pregnant women have to undergo many discomforts during their pregnancy such as morning sickness, nausea, extreme fatigue, constipation, and headaches. Headaches may be worse during pregnancy because of the shift in hormone levels. Usually headaches start to get better after the first trimester when hormone levels become more stable. Hence it becomes essential to get rid of headaches by some safe and natural methods. The following are some of the ways on how to get rid of headaches during pregnancy.

11 How to Get Rid of Headaches during Pregnancy

1 . Avoiding Stress

During pregnancy, a woman’s body and mental state is likely to lead to headaches. Additional stress can increase the number and frequency of headaches. Good breathing techniques and relaxation exercises can help to alleviate stress.

2 . Get a lot of Rest

During pregnancy especially in the first trimester, your body has to deal with some rapid changes. These changes also include rapid increases in hormone levels which can cause your body to feel more stressed and you to feel more fatigued. Getting more rest as your body prepares for the baby will help to reduce the frequency of headaches you experience.

3 . Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper, also known as capsaicin, has been a long standing pain-reliever. Mixing 8 ounces of warm water with a teaspoon of cayenne pepper to create "pepper tea" once or twice per day may reduce the pain of cluster headaches and diminish their frequency. Cayenne pepper is thought to reduce inflammation of blood vessels, the cause of the pain experienced during any headache. The University of Maryland Medical Center points out that when applied up the nose, capsaicin can be an effective cluster headache remedy. This procedure should be done under the supervision of a health care professional or qualified herbalist. Typically the cayenne pepper is mixed with water and placed inside a nasal spray bottle or suctioned with a liquid dropper.

4 . Monitoring of Blood Sugar levels

Whenever there is a drop in blood sugar levels, the result is usually headaches. Since a pregnant woman’s body is constantly growing and providing for the baby, one needs to eat more during the day in order to keep optimum blood sugar levels. This will help to get rid of headaches.

5 . Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint oil is great for relieving headaches. Simply inhaling it will often get rid of headaches within fifteen minutes to half an hour. No essential oils (including peppermint oil) should ever go directly onto the skin unless they are diluted by a carrier, base or vegetable oils (not the kind you cook with), unless you know exactly what you are doing. An example of a carrier oil includes almond oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil. Most essential oils are too strong to go on our skin and can cause allergic reactions. While quality essential oils are a little more expensive, they will work better than their cheaper counterparts. Most health food stores/organic food stores sell essential oils.

6 . Dehydration

Dehydration is one of the common causes behind headaches during pregnancy. Hence drink sufficient water to keep yourself well hydrated so that your body can perform its functions normally. When you experience a headache drink a glass of water and rest for a while.

7 . Yoga

Yoga, and the meditation that goes with it, are one of the best stress releasers that you can participate in. Even though some poses aren't made for pregnant women, you can certainly pick and choose the ones that are right for you. Focus on meditating and breathing slowly throughout your session, and you may just find that your headache or migraine has disappeared.

8 . Lie in Dark Room

Many people are sensitive to lights during a migraine. Staying in a darkened room will help.

9 . Preventing Migraines

Staying well hydrated, exercising, and avoiding artificial sweeteners, nitrates and chemicals like the ones found in deli meat are all ways to help prevent headaches.

10 . Reduce The intake of Caffeine Gradually

Quitting caffeine suddenly can make anyone experience headaches, more so a woman who is pregnant. Even though caffeine is not good for a woman who is pregnant, for those women who were used to it before becoming pregnant, stopping the habit should be a gradual process. This will help to avoid headaches.

11 . Proper Sleep

Sometimes lack of sleep can trigger headache. So you can try to take a short nap during the daytime to avoid or get rid of headaches during pregnancy. But you should avoid sleeping for longer duration otherwise it could produce just the reverse effect.

Important Note

In case of unbearable headaches during pregnancy, you should consult your doctor. Do not take over-the-counter drugs without your doctor’s permission.