Wednesday, 29 October 2014

18 Best Health and Beauty Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)

Figs are a healing fruit and the health benefits of eating figs are amazing.  They are helpful for asthma, bronchitis, constipation, diabetes, piles, heart disease, lowering cholesterol, anemia, and high blood pressure. They are high in vitamins A, B, C, potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium, and high in calcium so they help develop strong bones, (making it an excellent source of calcium for those who are lactose intolerant).  History records show that  figs have been around since 5000 B.C. Fig is one of the fruits high in vitamin, mineral and fiber content. Fig also contains lot of healing properties. Read on to know more about the health and beauty benefits of fig .

18 Best Health and Beauty Benefits of Figs (Anjeer)


1 . Bone Strength

Figs are rich in calcium and minerals which helps to promote bone density. Potassium content is very high in figs therefore regular intake of figs can also help to prevent loss of urinary calcium which is caused by high-salt diet. Hence, one must ensure to eat figs for stronger bones. Since calcium content in fig plays an important part in strengthening the bones besides maintaining normal bone density, they prevent the development of bone related disorders like osteoporosis in
old age.

2 . Weight loss

Dry figs are a high source of nutritional fiber. If you are fat and considering losing some weight, fiber-rich foods are a good thing to opt for. Since figs are high in natural fiber, it’ll prove beneficial
for your weight management program. It’ll help you in lowering your energy intake, while keeping you full right through the day.

3 . Iron and Copper

Figs are an excellent source of iron and copper required for production of healthy red cells and transporting oxygen to the tissues in the body.  Lack of iron in the body makes a person weak exhausted prone to infection. Dried figs can be used to for meeting our iron requirement. Iron is required by our body for transporting oxygen in the blood. Reduced iron intake will result in reduced delivery of oxygen to our cells. This in turn can make us feel tired, drained out and more susceptible to infection.

4 . Diabetes

Since figs are high in potassium, they help reduce insulin.  Daily, consume fig seeds with one teaspoon of honey to control diabetes. Try doing this for a week to see good results.

5 . Figs for Healthy Skin

Grab a fresh and natural Fig Extract and then use it for your skin. This is actually an innovative way of skincare. Fig extract has got hydrating properties that is very helpful and thus effective to your skin and not to mention, Fig extract is a great hydrator that effectively tightens the skin pores. It’s full of vitamin A plus beta-carotene. Furthermore, it provides enzymatic exfoliation action

6 . Safe Against Breast Cancer

For women, menopause and breast cancer are two major things to deal with. Besides the psychological effects, there are countless health hazards as well. Researchers have shown that women who consume fruit fiber are at low risks of having breast cancer, in comparison to those who don’t. Dry fig is probably the best fruit in terms of natural fiber; the others being prunes, dates, apples and pears.

7. Lowers Blood Pressure

Consuming dried figs is very can meet our daily potassium requirements and help lower the blood pressure. Potassium is a mineral which helps to maintain fluid balance in the body. Increasing the daily intake of potassium can help to reduce the effects of sodium thereby lowering the blood pressure.

8 . Skin Exfoliations

Fresh figs peels can make amazing gentle exfoliations. It has an active enzyme that could possibly help well to clear out dead old skin debris from the skin surface precisely just the how the papaya exfoliate your skin. Wash and clean the Fig peels and then you can scrub it directly on your skin for flawless, gentle and smooth glowing skin.

9 . Constipation

Figs are rich in fibre which ensures healthy bowel movement thereby preventing constipation.

Consume 2-3 soaked dried figs with a tablespoon of honey. Use this continuously for a month every morning to relive constipation.

10 . Anemia

Fig health benefits includes correction of anemia. Figs have high iron and folate content. This is highly beneficial for iron deficient anemic individuals, along with heavily menstruating, pregnant and lactating women. When fig is taken with milk, it can bring about improvement in anemic condition.

11 . General Health

You can enjoy the fig health benefits only when you eat the figs regularly. Eating them regularly can provide relief from fatigue and sleep disorders. It also brings about improvement in the memory.

12 . Sexual Power

Figs have been used since ancient times as a cure for sexual weakness. Soaking figs in milk overnight and consuming it in the morning is said to be useful for enhancing sexual powers.

13 . Kidney Stones

Figs also help a lot to remove kidney stones. Boil 3-4 figs in a cup of water. Consume this water daily up to a month to remove kidney stones.

14 . Fig Oil For Healthy Hair

Fig oil is ideal for wavy, coarse and curly hair. It rehydrates the hair to make it lustrous, shiny and manageable. Add 10 drops of fig oil to your hair mask and apply it all over the hair. Leave it for one hour and then shampoo as usual. Or, you can even mix fig oil with your conditioner to get silky, smooth hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly after shampooing and remove excess water from the hair. Add 5 to 7 drops of fig oil to you conditioner and apply it properly on the hair. Let it stay for 5 to 7 minutes and then wash off.

15 . Boost Immune System

Containing loads of vitamins, fibre and essential minerals, figs help boost immune function, protecting against risk of diseases and infection.

16 . Colon Cancer

Fiber present in figs is useful to flush out all the harmful toxins from the body including cancer causing substances. Regular bowel movement and flushing out of toxins can prevent colon cancer.

17. Prevent Atherosclerosis

Fig works in preventing the oxidation of fatty acids. Thereby it helps suppress the generation of reactive oxygen species, and helps prevent atherosclerosis.

18 . Figs Facial Mask

Fig is also beneficial as a face mask. Cut the fig in two and scrape away the flesh and then mash deeply using a fork. Spread some on to the skin and let it stay not more than 5 minutes because of the fig's high enzyme content only five minutes if required. Rinse off.

Note : Excessive intake of figs may result in diarrhea. Also, figs contains substantial amount of oxalates and therefore, if you are suffering from any kidney related disease or gall bladder problem, do not eat figs. Figs are very sweet and too much of sweet might cause you tooth decay problem. Lastly, dried figs are usually treated with sulphur dioxide in order to preserve the figs and maintain its color. Just in case, if you are sensitive to sulfites, search for sulfite free ones such as organic figs which is a very good alternative.