Thursday, 9 October 2014

17 Best Home Remedies for Hangover

With every coming occasion such as Christmas, New Year etc, the party mood gets boost up in every individual. Many people also becomes out of control after drinking heavy alcohol. Too much alcohol intake has not only physiologic affects but can also increase the number of days of work missed and, studies have shown that people who work with a hangover are less productive on the job then those who do not. This can give rise to many problems such as headaches, dizziness, muscle ache, vomiting, sensitivity to sound etc. You can now come out from such handovers through some effective home remedies. There are a lot of awesome home remedies that can help to make a hangover better. The following is a list of some of them that are available for use.

17 Best Home Remedies for Hangover

1 . Honey

This potassium and antioxidant rich pantry staple boasts numerous hangover-helping qualities. Ingest it by itself or, better yet, spread it over a piece of dry toast or a cracker, since you do need to eat something during a hangover (even if your appetite tells you otherwise). In fact, the Royal Society of Chemistry believes eating a breakfast of honey-on-toast is one of the best ways to beat a hangover.

2 . Make eggs

Scramble them, fry them, soft boil them--whatever way you prefer your eggs, they are certain to help with your hangover. Eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine which helps counter the effects of acetaldehyde, a side effect of excessive alcohol consumption.

3 . Vitamins to Get Rid of Hangover Fast

The vitamins, gave the strength to the body. During the hangover, the vitamins help the man to gain its strength back to some extent. The vitamins are available in the medicine forms. But the vitamin should be taken only on the recommendation from the doctor.

4 . Peppermint

Peppermint is an effective remedy for hangover. Chew the peppermint before your morning tea to cure your hangover quickly and with minimum discomfort. Peppermint is a carminative, a substance that removes gas accumulated in the stomach and intestines thus relieving the individual from an uncomfortable hangover. One can also consume peppermint tea by adding about five leaves to a cup of boiling water and then adding the tea leaves or powder. One or two cups of this preparation should relieve the individual within thirty minutes of consuming it.

5 . Ginger

For years people have been using ginger to treat nausea as well as sea sickness. Today, people also take it as an effective home remedy to overcome hangover. The alcohol present in your body can be dissolved and digested easily with the help of ginger. Your stomach will also very soothing after consuming ginger. You can either chew the raw ginger or drink the juice after boiling raw ginger. For this you need 10- 12 slices of ginger in around 1 liter of water. Keep it in boiling condition for ten minutes. In order to make it tasty, you can also add the juice of one orange in the boiling water. You can also add ½ cup of honey and ½ cup of lemon to the preparation. This is really helpful in stabilizing the blood sugar and takes you away from hangover.

6 . Bananas

When it comes to home hangover remedies, reaching for a humble banana or two is one of the most effective ways to combat a case of the post-Champagne nasties. Excessive alcohol intake can eliminate your body’s supply of potassium. Bananas fill you back up with this essential mineral quickly, safely and cheaply. If you anticipate that the morning after is going to be a rough one, place a couple of bananas on your bedside table.

7 . Eat Tomatoes

Tomatoes can refresh and revitalize you. Slice them up and add a little salt and pepper, or juice them. Tomatoes contain fructose which helps along the metabolism of alcohol in the body. Add a little lime juice to tomato juice to heighten the results.

8 . Orange Juice

The orange juice is quite sour in taste. This juice also contains the vitamin C. This vitamin was very effective at the time of hangover. This gives the booster energy to the enzymes. The enzymes, then, give an easy flow of the blood in the body. This will make the body active again.

9 . Apples and bananas

If you can consume some raw fruits such as apples, you can easily get over of the hangover. The crunchy fruit salads made up of bananas and apples is another way to reduce the hangover of parties. According to the experts, if you are suffering from headache due to hangover, having an apple in empty stomach will provide you fast relief. You can also have a banana shake with a teaspoon of honey to get fast relief from this situation. Along with making your nerves and stomach relax, honey present in fruit will help in resuming the blood sugar which you have lost in the due course. Essential minerals required for your body such as potassium will be retained by banana.

10 . Water

If you want a sure fire way of eradicating alcohol, drinking tons of water will be really effective. Just drink a glass of water before going to bed and drink other after getting up from the bed and see the difference.

11 . Toast or Rice

Toast and rice are classic hangover home remedies. Food is often the last thing you want to consider when recovering from a wicked hangover, but having something on your stomach can help settle it and give you more energy. Rice and toast are simple and easy to ingest.

12 . Eat coconut

Coconuts are packed with potassium--something your hangover-riddled body definitely needs. Alternatively, drink coconut water if you don’t feel like finding a coconut to split open with a rock.

13 . Fruit juice

Guzzling fructose- and glucose-heavy fruit juices, particularly freshly squeezed varieties, raises blood-sugar levels and replenishes your body with the essential vitamins depleted during drinking. But if a sour stomach accompanies your raging hangover, it’s best to avoid O.J. due to its high acidity. Drink stomach-soothing ginger ale instead. Whatever you do, avoid coffee and other caffeinated beverages. They may make you feel a bit less groggy, but they aren't helpful in conquering hangovers since they're diuretics, which will dehydrate you even more.

14 . Peppermint

You can take few leaves of peppermint and chew it. Also, you can put these leaves in boiled water and drink it, to reducing the hangover.

15 . Use cabbage

Cabbage can also act as a wonderful healer of the hangover. Extract juice from a cabbage and mix it with a little tomato juice. Cabbage helps stabilize blood glucose levels.

 16 . Coffee

The coffee is the option which we can use, when we need a quick recover. The body, in the form of a hangover, loses its control over the secretions of the hormones and the glands. The coffee helps the man to get its chemical system of the body back to the natural state. Water should be drunk along with the coffee.

17 .  Sleep

Sleep, aside from hydrating yourself, is a must in hangover home remedies. Rest is your best friend when you have a hangover. It gives your body a chance to recover and to regain energy. If you can, take a couple hours out of the day to nap when you have a hangover, or be sure to get to bed extra early the next night.

Important Note!

As all of us know very well, Alcohol consumption is hazardous to health so better to avoid alcohol consumption and always stay away from the symptoms and side effects of hangover.