Tuesday, 14 October 2014

21 Natural Tips For Soft and Beautiful Hands

Beautiful hands enhance the beauty of one’s personality. Hands are one of the most prominent and functional features of human body and need relatively more care and attention. Everyone wants soft and beautiful hands. So many people spend too much of money and time to get soft and beautiful hands. Manicure is the best and effective way to make the hands look more attractive, healthy and pretty. Usually the services of any beautician or a professional are hired by the ladies to do manicure. Spending a few minutes on a quick manicure will leave you with enviable hands. For a better insight into achieving soft and beautiful hands (nails included), read this article and start grooming yourself the right way.

21 Natural Tips For Soft and Beautiful Hands

1 . Good Moisturiser

Use a good quality hand moisturiser and apply on hands at least thrice a day after you have washed it thoroughly. In the summers use a light non greasy moisturiser and in the winters opt for something heavier like body butter. Winters tend to dry out the skin, so you can do with the extra moisturising.

2 . Milky-way

Soaking hands in lukewarm water or milk is another way of strengthening the nails. Just 10-15 minutes daily task will strengthen them.

3 . Be gentle

For soft and beautiful hands, one need not spend thousands on manicures. A little care and protection is all that calls for its daily care. While washing, choose a mild soap or liquid to cleanse your hands. Slather a gentle moisturising cream or Vaseline to replenish the lost moisture every time you wash your hand or before going to bed.

4 . Protect your hands

When you are washing dishes, gardening or carrying out any chore that allows your hand to interact with chemicals, grease or dirt, ensure that you are wearing rubber gloves to protect your hands.

5 . Butter milk

Wash your hands, then soak them in warm water, buttermilk, or organic apple cider vinegar. The acids in the buttermilk or vinegar will help to slough off dead skin cells.

6 . Glycerine and Honey

Take a quarter of lukewarm water in a bowl and drip 10 to 15 drops of glycerin and honey into it. Stir it well. Soak your dry and untidy tanned hands into this solution for 10 minutes. Keep on scrubbing at the interval of 2 minutes with the aid of scrubber. It would peel off rough and dull skin of your hands. Apply moisturizer after wiping them.

7 . Almond oil, Neem oil and Moisturiser

During winter season you should also put your hand moisturizer or concoction prepared from the solution of almond oil, neem oil and olive oil nearby sink so that you won’t forget to give them moisture treatment.

8 . Hands Scrubbing

Scrub your hands at least once a week with a good exfoliating agent to get rid of any dead skin. No time to buy one? Make one at home. Take a teaspoon each of fine sugar and olive oil and mix it well with the juice of half a lime. If you want to try something different, add one drop of your favourite EO and you are done! You have your home made exfoliating scrub ready.

Tip: You can use this scrub without the olive oil too. If you’ve used the oil, wash your hands with a mild soap and lukewarm water. If you’ve used it without the olive oil, just rinse your hands in lukewarm water and pat dry.

9 . Lemon Sugar Scrub

Squeeze out two lemons into a cup and pour a spoon of sugar into it. Spill it lavishly on your hands and leave it for 10 minutes. Wash them with water and nourish them with the goodness of almond or coconut oil for inducing moisture into their deep layer. Lemon will improve your hands’ tone while sugar will act as scrub.

10 . Honey And Olive Oil

For soft and silky looking hands mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil. Massage the mixture on your hands and nails. Cover your hands with either plastic bags or plastic gloves and let it stay for 15 minutes and then rinse.

11 . Protect your Cuticles

Use a good quality cuticle cream or oil to prevent the cuticles from roughing out or drying. Looking for an alternative you can do at home? Apply a few drops of glycerine to your hands overnight at least twice a week and wash off with lukewarm water in the morning. You will wake up with softer hands.

12 . Lemon juice and Honey

On every weekend, prepare solution of 5 lemons juice and 5 spoons of honey. Keep it preserved in a small bottle in refrigerator. Whenever you open the door of it for taking out anything, rub a spoon of that mixture on your hands like cream. It will moisturize as well as improve the tone of your hands with every wash.

13 . Night Massage

Massage your hands at night for at least five minutes to let the goodness of the moisturiser soak in. For very rough hands, mix your moisturiser with a bit of Vaseline so that they are protected all through the night.

14 . Kitchen Remedies

Kitchen counter ingredients can sometimes save that manicure bill. Coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine, honey, milk cream are all natural moisturisers that would do wonder to soften your pretty hands.

15 . Rosewater Hand Massage

Mix about 1tsp of glycerin, lemon juice and 5 drops of rose water in a small bottle. Use it to massage your hands and cuticles for at least 15-30 minutes.

16 . Hand Washing

When you wash your hands, ensure that you wash your hands in lukewarm water all year round. Too hot water or too cold water tends to damage the skin. Never use normal dish soap because it is harsh on the skin and it also dries the skin easily.

17 . Hand Warming

One of the best ways to avoid fungal infections is to keep the hands warm and patting it dry after washing. Coldness of hands often affects the body's immune system by leading to illnesses such as influenza and sore throats.

18 . Lemon juice, Coconut oil, Glycerin and Rose water

The solution of lemon juice, coconut or almond oil, glycerin and rose water should be applied in the morning and at noon or you can smear it right after completing your domestic works. You would be astonished at the enhancement of your hands’ beauty.

19 . Green Almond and Sandalwood Oil

Take 5-10 fresh and green almonds and grind the almonds and collapse this paste with 5 drops of sandalwood oil. Apply this mixture on the affected area. This gives you a rejuvenated skin and makes your skin whiten.

20 . Pamper The Hands

Indulge in a manicure at least once a month. With a manicure you hands get cleaned, exfoliated and massaged. It’s thorough nourishment that your hands get.

21 . Vinegar and Honey

Take vinegar and honey in equal amount. Whisk them well. Apply this solution before washing your hands so that acidic nature of vinegar can extract dirt and grime resting on your hands’ surface can stick out easily as well as your tanned surface would get de-tanned easily while honey would supplies moisture supplement to your hands that might have been stolen.