Wednesday, 1 October 2014

15 Best Ways to Stop Bed Wetting During Sleeping

Bedwetting is a common problem for school-age children, usually caused by factors such genetics, weak bladder capacity and control, deep sleeping, constipation and hormones. Since, an infant or a child has small bladder, holding urine for a long time becomes difficult. This can be one of the reasons behind bed wetting by children. But, this can be a reason for embarrassing parents in certain situation. Thus, parents are constantly looking for treatment procedure of bed wetting. There are some natural ways to eradicate this problem.

15 Best Ways to Stop Bed Wetting During Sleeping


1 . Moisture Alarm

A small moisture alarm can be put in your child’s bed or underwear. With the first drops of urine, the alarm triggers a bell or buzzer that wakes your child. Your child can then stop the flow of urine, get up, and use the bathroom. Waking also teaches your child how a full bladder feels.

2 . Overprotective parents

Another way of dealing with bedwetting is by overprotection. Instead of helping the child to cope with the problem, the parents wrap him with layers of protection. They feel guilty that their child is suffering from bedwetting and they don't allow him to deal with the problem. The parents take responsibility, sometimes they deny the problem’s existence, or they are scared of offending their child. In the clinic, when I refer to the child, they answer instead of him. Occasionally we find overprotection with children that suffered at an early age from a severe medical problem. Although the child has fully recovered, the parents feel the need to protect and compensate him. We also find that this behavior is more common among parents that had a child after many years of infertility. Overprotection is not a solution because it is important that the child take responsibility for his actions and his own body.

3 . Fluid restriction

Fluid restriction before sleep time accustoms the bladder to function at night with a small amount of fluid.

4 . Dribbling

Among enuretics there are individuals who suffer from involuntary drops of urine discharge during the day. This typically appears in children age 4-8 years.
Dribbling generally happens when the child is busy in an activity which requires mental concentration (TV watching, computer games etc.). He does not recognize the signal from the bladder, relaxes the sphincter muscle, starts to urinate and stops immediately by contracting the sphincter muscle. The consequences of this behavior are the constant wet spots on the child clothes.

5 . Cranberry Juice

Bed wetting can be a cause of kidney malfunction and bladder. Since, Cranberry juice is good for urinary tract, kidney and bladder; you can feed your child with this natural extract to get rid of bed wetting problem. This juice must be given to the child one hour before he goes to bed.  You must do this for few months to see effective result.

6 . Common Misconceptions Waking the Child at night

This is the most common mistake. By waking up your child at night the responsibility for staying dry is transferred from the child to the parents. The child empties his bladder regardless of the pressure within the bladder. There is no learning process and the child becomes accustomed to emptying his bladder during sleep. It is important for the child to take responsibility for staying dry.

7 . Medicine

Medicine is available to treat bedwetting. The medicine used most often slows down how fast the body makes urine. Though medicine for bedwetting works well, wetting often returns when the child stops taking the medicine. If this occurs, keeping the child on medicine for a longer time may help

8 . Stress-related

If you suspect that the bedwetting is stress-related – if there’s a change in family structure, you’ve moved home or your child is experiencing bullying, for example – try to work on this anxiety before you start on a new regime.

9 . Mustard Powder

Mustard powder is commonly used in kitchens. You must make a solution with a cup of warm milk and half teaspoon of dry mustard seed powder. Ask your child to drink this milk every night before your child goes to bed. According to a recent research, Mustard seed is a wonderful ingredient for people suffering from urinary tract disease. Fistful of mustard seed powder can be consumed to eradicate bedwetting.

10 . Buzzers or alarms

Some people use buzzers or alarms attached to night wear, which are triggered by moisture, so she can get up and go to the loo. The aim is to ‘re-programme’ the brain to alert her to wake before she has to wee.

11 . Jaggery

Jagerry is readily available in many kitchens.  This has a wonderful phenomenon of heating your child’s body from inside. As soon as he consumes it, his body will remain warm from inside. This will help in eradicating the problem of bed wetting.  You must feed your baby a small piece of jagerry with a cup of hot milk every morning.

12 . The Genetic Factor

There is overall agreement among researchers that bedwetting has a clear hereditary element. Among parents of children with bedwetting who came to our clinics, 75% reported that one or both parents or siblings wet the bed in childhood. When we examine the second genetic circle (grandparents, uncles of first degree, nephews) we find over 90% history of bedwetting.
Some parents, who had bedwetting problems until adolescence and outgrew the issue with no treatment, avoid seeking treatment for their enuretic child. They assume that when he will reach adolescence, he will also outgrow bedwetting. There is no basis for this assumption; unfortunately there is no guarantee that a child will stop wetting the bed with no treatment. Moreover, even if the parents could be assured that the child will outgrow bedwetting at adolescence; there is no justification to let him suffer from bedwetting during his whole childhood. Bedwetting affects a child’s quality of life and timely treatment improves quality of life.

13 . Stay dry and exercise

Staying dry and exercising control over the bladder (using her pelvic floor muscles) during the day might help – give her a timer or a watch with an alarm and see if you can prolong time between her toilet trips by 10 minutes each day.

14 . Drink more fluids throughout

Encourage your child to drink more fluids throughout the day and urinate as soon as there is an urge to go. “If you don’t pay attention to your bladder in the daytime, it’s hard to pay attention to it at night,” Bennett said.

15 . Indian Gooseberry

Common name of Indian Gooseberry is Amla. This is very effective in treating many diseases and unhealthy physical conditions in human being. Bed wetting is one of them.  You must make a pulp out of Indian Gooseberry with mixer and grinder. Now take two teaspoon of amla pulp and add a pinch of black pepper powder in it. Ask your child to consume it before he goes to bed. Bed wetting problem can be eradicated with this mixture. You can also make a mixture with Indian gooseberry pulp, sugar candy and cumin seed. Feed this to your child two times in a day.