Tuesday, 7 October 2014

17 Health and Beauty Benefits of Potato (Aloo)

Potatoes are one of the most widely used vegetables that are found in almost every kitchen.Potatoes contain no fat, no cholesterol and no sodium, making them a great addition to any heart-healthy diet.Apart from being delicious when cooked, potatoes are quite nutritious with a high content of carbohydrates and vitamin C. Thus, it offers several health benefits and off late its cosmetic benefits have also been recognized. Some of the fascinating health and beauty benefits of potatoes are given below:

17 Health and Beauty Benefits of Potato (Aloo)

1 . Anemia

Potatoes are excellent sources of both iron and folic acid, which are essential for the production of red blood cells. For this reason potatoes can be used as a natural aid in the prevention or treatment of different forms of anemia.

2 . Arthritis

Like rheumatism, arthritis is an inflammatory condition. The high mineral and organic salt content in potato makes it one of the best anti-inflammatory foods. Slice a potato together with the skin and soak in a glass of distilled water. Drink in the morning before meal.

3 . Constipation and hemorrhoids

Boiled or steamed potatoes promote the formation and passage of soft, hydrated stools. So they can be effectively used as a natural remedy to treat constipation and prevent hemorrhoids.

4 . Vitamin B6

Potato is rich in vitamin B6 which aids in building and repairing body cells. This vitamin leads to the production of enzymes in the body, which in turn leads to chemical reactions which cause cell repairs. Apart from repairing of human body and brain cells, this nutrient is responsible for the production of the molecule amine in the human body, which helps in transmissions between different nerves of the human nervous system.

5 . Iron Contents

They are important for alleviating the symptoms of low iron intake, like lack of energy, dizziness, headache and anemia due to considerate amounts of iron present. Besides, they also have copper which is essential for red blood cell formation.

6 . Removal of Dark Circles

Potatoes are a natural under eye brightener and so applying potato juice or potatoes directly can banish dark eye rings. Peel and slice a raw potato into large pieces. Placing them in a cloth or handkerchief, stick them on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water. Doing this regularly will reduce your dark circles considerably. You can also apply potato juice under your eyes with a cotton ball to fade away dark circles.

7 .  Removal of Eye Puffiness

To remove puffiness around the eyes, apply a mixture of cucumber and potato juice on your face, particularly around the eyes. Cucumber contains ascorbic acid and caffeic acid whereas potato has liquid starch and catecholase. Thus, these two ingredients work well in lightening your skin tone and treating puffiness of eyes.

8 . Soothing for eyes

To lighten dark circles, keep two  potatoes slices on your eyes. You can also make a pack of raw potato paste and apply on your face to reduce swelling.

9 . Skin Care

Vitamin-C and B-complex as well as minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc are good for the skin. Apart from that, pulp obtained from crushed raw potatoes, mixed with honey, can work well in skin and face packs. This even helps to cure pimples and spots on the skin. Again, this pulp, if applied externally on burns, provides quick relief and faster healing. Smashed potatoes, and even water in which potatoes have been washed, are very good for softening and cleaning skin, especially around the elbows, and the back of the hands.

10 . Feed your bones

Maintaining bone health requires a complex mix of nutrients, yet a Spanish study found that manganese on its own helped prevent bone loss in rats. Sweet and regular potatoes are good sources of this mineral: A baked medium sweet with skin has 32 percent of your daily needs; a baked regular with skin has 22 percent.

11 . Fiber

Vegetables, including potatoes, contain fiber, the portion of the plant that the enzymes in the intestines cannot break down. Fiber offers several health advantages. Fiber keeps you feeling full longer, helping you to maintain or reduce weight. It also lowers blood cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of heart disease and promotes a healthy digestive tract. Potatoes contain 2 g fiber, the majority of which can be found in the skin. Adults should try to consume 14 g fiber per 1,000 calories. Eating one medium potato with the skin provides 8 percent of the recommended daily intake.

12 . Rich in Phytochemicals

Contrary to the popular belief that potatoes should be avoided because they are rich in starch, medical reports today claim that potatoes should be consumed as they help in enriching the body with essential nutrients. Potatoes are rich in phytochemicals which help in fighting against respiratory diseases, cardiovascular ailments and several types of cancer.

13 . Treatment of Wrinkles

Potato is considered as an effective anti-ageing beauty agent, particularly in warding off wrinkles. Regular application of potato juice imparts a healthy glow and softness to your skin as well as keeps wrinkles at bay.

14 . Cancer Prevention

Certain types of potatoes, particularly red and russet potatoes, contain high levels of flavonoid antioxidants and vitamin A like zeaxanthin and carotenes, they can protect you against many types of cancer. Also, research at the Agricultural Research service has shown that potatoes contain a compound called quercetin, which has been proven to have anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. Finally, the high levels of vitamin A and C both have antioxidant qualities that can protect your body from the devastating effects of cancer.

15 . Treatment of Rashes, Itching Sensation and Insect/Pest Bite

In case of rashes, itching sensation and insect bites, place a slice of raw potato on the affected area for a few minutes. This should be done several times a day for quick relief.

16 . Lower Blood Pressure

People suffering from high blood pressure should consume potatoes in large quantities. Potato contains a compound known as kukoamine which helps in lowering blood pressure.

17 . Hair care

Potato for hair mask helps to prevent the hair fall and dandruff. Use the extract of raw potato for hair pack which is good source to improve hair growth. Potato is more advantageous for the people who
are suffering with thinning of hair problem.