Wednesday, 15 October 2014

17 Best Natural Tips to Reduce Uric Acid Level (Gout)

High levels of uric acid in the blood (hyperuricemia) is also known as gout, a form of arthritis characterized by recurrent attacks of acute arthritic pain and swelling usually in a single joint of your foot or hand. Uric acid is something that is natural to our bodies, but too much is a bad thing. If uric acid is not eliminated normally which is seen in gout sufferers, it can build up in the blood stream leading to joint inflammation and pain. The pain is caused by deposits of monosodium urate crystals in or near the affected joint. Here we have some natural tips to reduce blood uric acid level.

17 Best Natural Tips to Reduce Uric Acid Level 

1 . Water

Drink 8-12 glasses of water everyday. Drink small amounts regularly throughout the day. Water helps the kidneys to process and flush uric acid out of the body.

2 . Bananas

Bananas are also beneficial in  lowering  uric acid. A banana-only diet, consisting of eight or nine bananas per day for three or four days, may alleviate the swelling and inflammation of joints caused by gout or other forms of arthritis more rapidly.

3 . Cherries

Cherries have anti - inflammatory substances named anthocyanins that help reduce uric acid levels .It prevents the uric acid from crystallizing and being deposited in the joints. Cherries also neutralize the acids and help prevent inflammation and pain. 200 gms per day is very effective in bringing down uric acid.

4 . Strawberries and Blueberries

 Strawberries and blueberries also help a lot in  reducing uric acid level. Regular consumption of these fruits will give you best result within few days.

5 . Grapes

Eat one cup of grapes during an attack. Grapes are a great snack during an attack because they will lessen the acidity of uric acid.

6 . Potato

Cut a potato into pieces in a glass of water and leave it overnight. Next morning filter this water and drink it. Or take 1 Raw Potato Juice and drink this juice daily for the treatment of gout and uric acid.

7 . French bean juice

Another effective home remedy for gout is French beans juice. The healthy juice can be consumed twice everyday for treating gout or high
uric acid.

8 . Saffron and milk

Mix 2-3 pinch of Saffron in a glass of Milk and drink it daily. This is very effective remedy to lower the level of uric acid.

9 . Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C rich foods are helpful. Which means that one should include guavas, oranges and Indian gooseberry (amla) in a uric acid reducing diet.

10 . Lemon and Potato

Bake Sweet Potatoes in oven for 8-10 minutes. Cut into pieces after peeling it and sprinkle Lemon juice over it. Very effective to decrease uric acid level and gout pain.

11 . Lime

The citric acid found in lime is a solvent of the uric acid .The juice of half a lime squeezed into a glass of water should be taken twice

12 . Fruit MilkShake

Apple and Banana Milkshake also lowers uric acid. Or pure fresh apple juice very useful to treat gout and daily add banana in your diet.

13 . Apple cider vinegar

Drink apple cider vinegar. Add 3 teaspoons of vinegar to 8 ounces of water and have it 2-3 times every day to treat uric acid.

14 . Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the best vegetables that you could have for lowering uric acid. Tomato by nature is alkaline and when it is exposed to the blood stream it increases the alkalinity of the blood. Eat fresh tomatoes and not processed ones and avoid over eating.

15 . Green tea

Consume green tea on a regular basis to control hyperuricemia (high uric acid levels) and lower your risk of developing gout.

16 . Flaxseed and Wooden Coal Paste

Make a paste with 3-4 tablespoons Flax seeds and 3-4 tablespoon wooden Coal (koayla) powder with lukewarm water. Apply this paste on effected joint and band it with a cotton cloth piece. Leave it for overnight and remove next morning. Wash with normal water. The best remedy to reduce uric acid and joints pain effectively.

17 . Celery Seed

This is a popular home remedy to lower uric acid levels in the body. Have celery seeds extract to get best results.