Monday, 20 October 2014

19 Best Natural Food Tips to Treat Gall Bladder Pain And Stones

If you are feeling pain in the right/middle upper abdomen or upper portion of the back from several hours. It may be the cause of ‘Gall Bladder Pain’. Problem in the gallbladder may disturb our body functions.  Bile from the liver is very important for our digestive system to digest fatty food. Fever, yellow eyes and skin, headache, constipation, dark colored urine, sweating, weakness, difficulty in breathing and vomiting are the symptoms of gallbladder pain. This pain may caused by gallstones. Inflammation (cholecystitis) can be causes of gallstones in the gallbladder. The following home remedies for gallbladder pain and stones removal will help a lot in treatment of Gall bladder stones and pain. It could be a bitter task, but doing this every day for a week will ensure that your gall stones are dislodged from the gall bladder and bile secretion resumes duty again. Once the discomfort and pain is eased, you may stop this treatment. If you didn't get cure by following given remedies, you must consult your problem with doctor.

19 Best Natural Food Tips to Treat Gall Bladder Pain And Stones

1 . Apple Juice, Ginger Juice and Apple cider vinegar

 Apple Juice 8 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon of Ginger juice and 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar may relieve you completely within 25-30 minutes.

2 . Apple cider vinegar and apple juice

 If you have an attack, drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of apple juice. This should relieve the pain quickly. If the pain does not subside, go to the emergency room to rule out other disorders such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or heart problems.

3 . Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is known for ages as a cure for gallstones. The seeds of milk thistle contain silymarin which is effective to cure gallstones. Silymarin is a flavonoid helps in the production of bile in the gallbladder and this breaks down the components in the gall bladder. It will also help in helping out with proper liver functioning.

4 . Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Olive Oil (1 tablespoon), Lemon Juice (1 tablespoon) before breakfast is very useful for gallbladder pain and can dissolve gallstones. Use of grapefruit juice with breakfast help to digest the Oil.

5 .  Pear

Eat Pear how much you can it may reduce from abdominal pain. Pear juice helps to clean the gallbladder.

6 .  Vegetables

Include in your diet vegetables such as kidney beans, green beans, broccoli and corn. It is advisable to have about three to five servings of vegetables daily.

7 .  Honey

This gives best result when taken with warm water. Mixing 2 tbs of honey in warm water and having it daily will help in treatment of Gall bladder stones and pain

8 . Fresh Lemon Juice

Freshly squeezed lemon juice can be used for dislodging the gall stones that have blocked the bile ducts. Squeeze lemon juice to form 1/4th of a cup. This has to be consumed first thing in the morning empty stomach without adding water. It could be a bitter task, but doing this every day for a week will ensure that your gall stones are dislodged from the gall bladder and bile secretion resumes duty again. Once the discomfort and pain is eased, you may stop this treatment.

9 . Garlic

Garlic mixed with other potent juices and oils will exert great pressure on the gall stones and dislodge it in no time. Chop garlic into fine pieces and add olive oil and lemon juice to it. Take this four times a day. The gall stones will be softened and expelled through.

10 . Foods With Vitamin C

You are more likely to experience gallstones if you have a lack of vitamin C in your diet. Instead of taking a vitamin C supplement, increase your intake of whole foods that contain vitamin C. This includes citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. Juices made from these fruits also are vitamin-C sources. Tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, sweet red peppers, and potatoes also contain vitamin C.

11 . Fiber-Containing Foods

Foods with fiber help ensure more efficient digestion. High-fiber foods also help prevent future gallstones from forming. This is because fiber binds with other digested materials in your stool to help move foods more quickly through your digestive tract. Because gallstones can form when digested material moves too slowly through your digestive tract, foods with fiber can support the gallbladder. Foods with fiber include most fruits and vegetables, like apples, pears, peaches, broccoli, kale, green beans and peas. Incorporate these foods into your diet slowly, however, as eating too much fiber too quickly can cause bloating.

12 . Grains

Grains are an extremely healthy addition to the diet. Add foods such as whole grain breads, bran flakes, whole wheat cereals, brown rice and whole grain pasta to your diet. This will help to flush out waste material from your system.

13 . Vegetable Juice

A juice formed by the mixture of carrot, Cucumber, beetroot and honey can be consumed to get the expected result.

14 . Mixed Fruit Juices

Fruit juices that are of an acidic nature can melt gall stones. A great remedy for taking the benefit from all the fruit juices is to mix them together and consume every day until you get the gall stones removed from your system. For this, mix apple juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice and pear juice every day. The combined action of these juices will help in dislodging the bile stones slowly, offering you great relief without other medications.

15 . Use Herbs to Dissolve the Stones

You may be able to use herbal remedies to dissolve your gallstones. Milk thistle, dandelion root, globe artichoke and turmeric may reduce the cholesterol in your bile. These substances are available in many natural food stores and can be brewed into a tea. Use the herbs singly or in any combination, using 1 tsp. of herb for each cup of hot water. Brew the tea for 5 to 10 minutes if you are using leaves and up to 20 minutes if you are using the roots. Peppermint oil has also been studied as an alternative treatment for gallstones, and it may dissolve stones over time for some people. Peppermint oil capsules are also available at health food stores.

16 . Heat Packs

You can place a heat pack on the stomach to temporarily relieve the pain and distress associated with gallstones.

17 . Epsom Salts

Epsom salts allow the gallstones to move readily through the bile duct. Pour one teaspoon of Epsom salts into room temperature water and drink it during the evening.

18 . Mint Oil

Several studies have shown concentrated mint oil capsules can, if taken for several months, help break down small gallstones.

19 . Herbal Tea

Natural extracts work nicely in treating gallstones. St. John’s Wort is a well known herb that you can have as tea. Drink about a cup of this tea a few times throughout your day. To make this tea simply boil water with 4 or 5 leaves.