Tuesday, 14 October 2014

17 Home Remedies to Cure Alcoholism

Are you wondering how to treat an alcoholic person naturally? Alcoholism is a chronic disease, in which a person craves for alcohol. His resistance power to liquor becomes very less and as a result, he ends up in consuming it in excessive amounts, frequently.It does not happen in a few days. Rather, continued long use and abuse makes an individual addicted to alcohol.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

You would notice these symptoms if afflicted with alcoholism:

(i) The individual continues to drink despite the harm caused to health, family and career.
(ii) What was once social or recreational drinking becomes habitual, to the extent that you even drink alone.
(iii) Violent or emotional outbursts whilst drinking
(iv) Hostile and defensive when confronted about drinking
(v) Inability to restrict and moderate alcohol consumption
(vi) Shirk responsibilities and commitments to school, college or work because of alcohol consumption
(vii) Loss of interest in social activities and hobbies that one was formerly interested in
(viii) Neglecting diet and food intake
(ix) Neglecting appearance and hygiene
(x) Consuming alcohol on the sly or in hiding
(xi) A need to consume alcohol practically daily
(xii) Shaking or shivering in the morning when you do not consume alcohol

If the individual also suffers from alcohol dependence, you may notice some of these symptoms:

(i) Memory loss or blackouts after bouts of heavy drinking
(ii) Increased tolerance that requires higher dosage of alcohol to achieve the same high
(iii) The experience of withdrawal symptoms if no alcohol has been consumed for a while
(iv) Alcohol influenced diseases like cirrhosis of the liver

Causes of Alcoholism

There is no specific cause for alcoholism as it is not a disease in the typical sense, but a dependence. There are certain conditions that could increase susceptibility to alcoholism however. One of the main risk factors could be heredity, but the risk is also influenced by your drinking habits:

(i) Men who consume 15 or more 12 ounce beer bottles in a week.
(ii) Women who consume 15 or more 12 ounce beer bottles in a week.
(iii) Even if you do not drink daily, consuming five or more drinks in a single session of drinking per week could also be considered a risk factor.

However here we have some best Home remedies to treat Alcoholism.

17 Home Remedies to Cure Alcoholism

1. Multivitamins

Home remedies for alcohol treatment include simple multivitamins including especially omega 3 fatty acids; Vitamins A, B, and C; magnesium; and zinc. The amino acid supplement l-glutamine also shows promise as a mood enhancer that helps to break the addiction cycle.1 Other alternative treatments for alcoholism include hypnotherapy for addiction, energy healing, acupuncture,3 and exercise to release endorphins no longer provided by alcohol-intake.

2 . Apple

Apples play an important role in reducing the craving for alcohol. It is a good practice to feed alcohol individuals apple juice at regular intervals of time. It also aids in the removal of toxins accumulated in the body due to alcohol consumption.

3 . Concoction of Dates and Water

Another option is to rub 4 to 5 dates in half a glass of water. Drink this concoction twice a day. It would act favorably in treating alcoholism.

4 . Juices, candies or snacks

Drinking fruit or vegetable juices and having candies or snacks, especially at the time of longing, will help curb the craving for alcohol.

5 . Yoga

Yoga will not just help you get physically fit, but it is also extremely relaxing and can help to counter stress and manage difficult situations.

6 . Dietary Aids

Of course the most important thing is the will and desire to stop drinking, but avoiding refined foods like sugar, white rice, macaroni, white flour, and meat should be avoided.

7 . Grape Juice

Grape juice is composed of an almost pure form of alcohol. A person may drink grape juice for several days until he becomes accustomed to a normal diet regime that doesn’t involve traditional alcohol.

8 . Lemon and Honey

A mixture of lemon and honey is considered to be an effective way of curing alcoholism if taken along with warm water. Honey contains fructose and sugars that help a person rid themselves of any remnant
traces of alcohol in the body. However, one must avoid this remedy if they suffer from diabetes.

9 . Bananas

Alcoholism results in draining potassium from the body. It is very important to maintain correct potassium level as it plays a major role in nerve impulse transmission. Bananas plays a role in this respect by regaining the lost potassium levels.

10 . Lemon and orange juice

Lemon juice and orange juice have also been found helpful in preventing the yearning for alcohol. Drink one glass of each, on a daily basis.

11 . Aloe vera

Aloe vera helps to strengthen the liver which is the first organ to be affected by the habit of alcoholism. Aloe vera can improve the functions and strength of the liver, and can prevent cirrhosis which is developed due to continuous intake of alcohol.

12 . Orange Juice

Fruit juices are very effective in lowering the effects of alcoholism. For removing the effects of a hangover, the juice of a lemon or orange will be very effective. Eating an apple or banana helps to flush out the toxins from the body which collect due to alcoholism.

13 . Juice of the leaves of bitter gourd

Take out the juice of the leaves of bitter gourd. Have three teaspoons of the juice, with one glass of buttermilk, every morning, on an empty stomach. This will be effective in treating alcoholism.

14 . Carrot juice

Carrot juice helps reduce the urge to consume alcohol. Having a glass of carrot juice, whenever there is an urge to drink, will prove helpful in treating alcoholism.

15 . Healthy Diet

A healthy body is the precursor to good resistance power. Alcoholics should be given a healthy and nutritious diet, consisting of wholegrain cereals, nuts, seeds, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables. It would help avert the longing for stimulants like alcohol. This would, in turn, treat alcoholism.

16 . Caffeine

Caffeine is a drug that perpetuates the cycle of addiction because it affects the neurotransmitters in the reward pathway in the brain in the same manner as drugs and alcohol and it aggravates and promotes hypoglycemia.

17 . Silymarin

This antioxidant is the active ingredient in extracts of the herb milk thistle. It improves blood sugar and liver function, both of which may be impaired after long-term alcohol abuse. Take 100 mg to 300 mg daily.