Monday, 29 September 2014

13 Natural Cures For Dry Skin

Just as we need protection, our skin needs care as well. The kind of care that our skin needs is determined by the type of skin we have. If you have dry skin, you just need to follow these beauty natural tips you are on the right path to a beautiful complexion.

13 Natural Cures For Dry Skin

1 . Olive oil

When it comes to strategies for natural dry skin care, Olive oil is at the top of the list. It instantly grooms dry cuticles, works wonders on hands and elbows, removes makeup, and soothes and conditions itchy, dry skin all over the body. When your skin feels extra parched, you can dab a thin layer of organic extra-virgin olive oil under your moisturizer for an extra dose of antioxidants and good fatty acids.

 2 . Olive Oil, Lemon, & Salt Scrub

If the thought of applying oil directly to your skin freaks you out a bit (which I know it might for some people!) this is a great alternative.  Mix the juice from 1 lemon with 5 tablespoons of sea salt and one tablespoon of olive oil to create a luxurious body scrub. The fresh lemon scent is invigorating and with the addition of olive oil, this scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturized and incredibly soft.

3 . Vitamin-E Oil and Lime Juice

Make a trip to your chemist and buy some vitamin-E capsules. Cut out 2 capsules, squeeze out the oil, mix a few drops of lime juice and apply all over your body. Take a shower and feel the difference.

4 . Castor Oil

Castor oil is full of magical healing powers of ricinoleic acid and Vitamin E that guard your skin against soap, warm water and the dryness in winter. This natural astringent removes all impurities from the skin as it is readily absorbed into the skin and nourishes it. Dab castor oil on extremely dry areas of your face, such as the corners of the nose, around the mouth, and around the hairline

5 . Honey

Honey tightens, softens and moisturizes dry skin. Brigitte Mars, author of “Beauty By Nature,” suggests applying pure honey directly to extremely dry skin, and tapping the area lightly with your fingertips for about 2 minutes. This increases circulation at the site, and encourages deeper moisturizing action. Rinse well with warm water, and apply moisturizer afterward. Repeat the honey treatment at least once a day to help soothe your dry skin.

6 . Scoop some milk cream:

Milk cream makes for a very good moisturiser. Mix a few drops of lime, a tsp. of milk and two tsp. of milk cream and rub onto your hands and legs. Leave it on for a while before you head for a shower. You’ll see the difference immediately.

7 . Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another wonder oil, and one of its specialties is moisturizing! There are so many ways you can use it – lather it right onto the skin, apply to problem areas like your hands, cuticles, and joints, or add a few spoonfuls to your bath! It leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and it also smells amazing.

8 . Banana and Yogurt

Banana and yogurt are nature’s gift to those who are exhausted looking after their skin by spending almost half of their income buying all kinds of cosmetic products. The mixture not only moisturizes the skin, but also exfoliates dead cells. A face pack is prepared using mashed bananas with yogurt to form a paste. Apply this paste on the dry patches for half an hour and then rinse off with warm water.

9 . Petroleum Jelly and Glycerin

For years, people have used petroleum jelly and glycerine oil to pamper their skin. They are the perfect duo to slough away the flaking skin and prepare a softer smooth surface. A mixture of the two is the perfect panacea for all kinds of skin conditions that are a consequence of dry skin. Use equal amounts to make a mixture, and then apply to your dry skin.

10 . Sea Salt

Sea salt can hydrate even the driest skin when used in a bath or as a salt scrub. In the book “1,801 Home Remedies: Trustworthy Treatments for Everyday Health Problems,” the Reader's Digest Association suggests adding a cup of sea salt to a tub of warm water and soaking for at least 20 minutes to nourish extremely dry skin. Combine 1 cup coarse sea salt with 1/4 cup vegetable glycerin to create a nourishing salt scrub for dry skin. Rub the mixture over your skin in a circular motion, and rinse with warm water. Follow with an oil-based moisturizer for best results. Do not use sea salt if you have open wounds, however, as you may experience painful burning.

11 . Olive Oil and Egg Yolk

The characteristics of the olive oil and egg yolk makes their amalgamation a must have for those who have dry skin. Olive oil is one of the key secret ingredients used in practices of taking care of flaky dry skin. It is a popular natural antioxidant enriched with vitamin E and K that works wonders when a teaspoon of it is combined with two egg yolks and whipped together to obtain a stable consistency. The egg yolks have vitamin A that controls the shedding of the skin and make it soft and smooth. For better results, add a few drops of lime juice and rose.

12 . Aloe Vera Mask

Use an aloe vera mask. After you have cleaned your skin, apply the mask to your face, and leave it for about 15 minutes. You can do this once or twice a week. Aloe vera is calming, moisturising, and the perfect treat for dry skin. If you like, gently massage the mask into your skin before you rinse it off. The result will be a soft and shiny complexion.

13 . Oatmeal

Vitamin E-packed oatmeal is a fragrant, soothing treat for dry skin. One of the best hydrating treatments for itchy, irritated skin is a soak in a lukewarm bath infused with a cup of oatmeal. Moisturize immediately afterward to seal in the bath’s benefits. Oatmeal can also be used instead of soap on dry, itchy hands; simply rub hands with wet oatmeal, dry with a towel and then rub with dry oatmeal. Corn starch and baking soda also ease dry, itchy skin when added to bath water.