Tuesday, 28 October 2014

12 Best Natural Tips To Improve EyeSight

Vision, a very precious gift, is a complex process, much of which happens in the brain.Millions of people wish they could have better eye sight. Every day they visit doctors and buy new prescription glasses and spend money on expensive eye drops. However natural tips to improve Eyesight are
given below:

12 Best Natural Tips To Improve EyeSight

1 .  Avocado

 Avocados help a lot in improving Eyesight. Mash them up in guacamole or slice on top of a sandwich for some hunger-fighting healthy fats and peeper-promoting Vitamin E.

2 .  Spinach
Toss these lutein superstars into lasagna, layer leaves in sandwiches or even blend in a smoothie. Just 10 milligrams of lutein per day—about 1/2 cup spinach—can help prevent vision loss, research has proven.

 3 . Drink Plenty of Water

You should also drink plenty of water.  The next time you notice your vision getting blurry drink a glass of water.  It might just be that you're dehydrated and you'll see an almost instant improvement in your vision.

4 .  Get Some Sun
 If you really want to know how to improve your vision you can to get some sun.  Most people go to extremes trying to avoid sunlight these days, but the human body actually needs a certain amount of light.  No only do we get vitamin D from sunlight but it also forces your eyes to contract and dilate – another form of eye exercise that helps strengthen your eyes.

5 .  Relax Your Eyes

 Just like your body, your eyes also get tired and hence you need to do relaxation exercises. One easy exercise for your eyes is to place your hands together and rub them together gently until heat is generated and then place the warm hands over your eyes for a few seconds. This will help your eyes to relax. At the same time you can use alternating hot and cold compresses on your eyes daily to help relax them. Also remember to breathe fresh air as breathing produces a relaxation effect in the body, good for reducing stress. Also oxygen is very essential for the overall health of the eyes and brain.

 6 .  Whole Grains

You’ve heard that going whole is better for more fiber, but foods like whole-wheat breads, pastas and cereals also pack zinc and selenium. Serve that bell pepper stir-fry over brown rice for a meal that’s a feast for the eyes.

7 .  Avoid Room Heater

 In order to maintain the health of your eyes, it is essential to turn down the heat in your house or office. Heat dries out the air which may cause dry eyes which is not at all a healthy sign. During the winter months, instead of using a room heater you must use a humidifier. Also try to bunch some plants in your living room. This way you can avoid having dry eyes and improve its eyesight.

8 . Nutritious Diet

 Are you eating a nutritious, well-balanced diet?  Your diet has a tremendous effect on your vision  .   Make sure you're getting plenty of vitamins A, B, C, and E, which can be found in milk, cheese and other dairy products, tomatoes and carrots, oranges and blueberries, and leafy green vegetables like lettuce and cabbage.

9 .  Enjoy Walking

Try to enjoy walking at least four times a week to improve your eyesight. It has been found that regular exercise can reduce the intraocular pressure, or IOP, in people with glaucoma. At the same time walking will also reduce your overall risk of developing glaucoma. For better result try to walk bare footed on green grass daily for about twenty minutes. You can even consult an eye specialist to know about many eye exercises that can naturally improve eyesight and overcome nearsightedness.

10 . Carrots

Carrots are best known to improve weak eyesight because they contains high amount of vitamin A. They contain beta carotenes which are said to be good for retina. Try to utilize more raw carrots or drink carrot juice on regular basis. You should have to utilize 2-3 glasses of carrot juice per day in order to improve eyesight.

 11 . Feed Your Eyes

Just like the rest of the body, the eyes need good nutrition to function well. Carrots, kale, blueberries, apricots, and other foods rich in beta carotene are all good for your eyes. Stay away from junk food.

12 . The Spinach Power

Spinach is rich in not only vitamins A, B, C, E and minerals such as iron and zinc, but also in lutein and zeaxanthin, the chemical components that help keep the eyes healthy. Eating spinach on a daily basis can prevent disorders like macular degeneration and cataract. Spinach also helps to keep the corneas healthy. Many people despise the way spinach tastes and smells. But you can surely get past the smell by adding a zing to spinach. Add raw spinach to your fruit smoothies. The sweetness and flavor of luscious fruits like strawberries and currants camouflage the taste of spinach really well, while maintaining its nutrient content. You can make a spinach soup or cook it with pulses. Sandwiches and lasagnas containing fresh spinach taste heavenly. So why not add a twist to spinach and include it in your diet for a sharper vision?